Post any of your own book recommendations here.  If you've read a book that really made an impression on you, please share it with us!  I am always in search of a good book and would love to know what you are all reading that you're enjoying.  Provide the title, author and a brief summary over the book.  Make sure you don't give away the ending though, you want others to find out for themselves what will happen.
1/7/2011 02:44:08 pm

One book that I really recommened is "Number the Stars". I'm not sure who it's writtenby but it has a first hand account on what happened during their struggle for survival.
In "Number the Stars," a young girl does her best to prevent any of Hitler's soldiers. They travel to many places, even boats to try to escape the beatings and concentration camps.
The rest you'll have to find out. It may sound boring but it really is an interesting book, but I don't know the author or the reading level!

1/8/2011 12:20:44 am

A book I would like to recommend is "Small Steps: the Year I Got Polio". This book is written by Peg Kehert and is non-fiction. This book (at the beginning) is about the author, Peg focusing on winning the 7th grade homecoming parade but collapsing in the middle of the floor so se is sent to the hospital to do tests. The result is polio; but not just one, all three, paralyed to the neck, difficulty breathing, and the last polio which affects somebody's ability to swallow or talk. From days to weeks she lays in a cot in a hospital room with (around) 5 other girls who have been there for months. Peg realizes that sitting in a cot all day is not that bad if you have people around you that you love. This story was definetly a story where you might need a tissue box... Peg is an inspiration to all who have challenges in their life. Please, read this book!!!

1/8/2011 12:44:45 am

Hi, it's me again.I know some boys love to play video games with zombies and others... so here a great book I read in my freetime once. It is called "Zombiekins"! This book is by Kevin Bolger. Zombiekins starts off with a kid named Stanley Nudeman who goes to his neighbor's garage sale (Lady Imnavitch). She has the cutest little bear/bunny/rabbit/ZOMBIE! What Stanley doesn't know is that there is instructions to this bear,bunny,rabbit,ZOMBIE that tells him not to reveal Zombiekins to the moonlight. Stanley takes Zombiekins home and throws him in his room which is a bad mistake... Zombiekins turns into a zombie. Zombiekins travels in the night from Stanley's home to his school. As you could guess Zombiekins bites basically every student at Stanley's school except Stanley and his best friend Miranda. Will Stanley and Miranda survive the rampage or will they become zombies too? Find out by reading this book. P.S. There is a sequel to this book "Zombiekins 2 They Came From Under the Bed"

1/8/2011 04:18:36 am

I know i am into the fantasy books and if you are into them too, I recommend Dragon Rider. It is a book about how dragon are really friendly but there is a evil dragon who hates all other dragons. There are many creatures like brownies (cat like ) and if you get spit on you will burn because their spit is acid, and a friendly dragon teams up ith the browny and a young boy. That is all i'm going to tell you though so you will have to read the book and find out what happens.

1/8/2011 05:08:15 am

I too recomend the book Number the Stars, it is an amazing book with an amazing story about a girl and her Jewish friend. This book ties in so well with what we r talking about!

1/8/2011 05:16:06 am

Another great book that i recomend is Yellow Fever. This book is about a girl without a ton of money trying to take care of her family in the olden days. She ends up physicly taking care of her family when a terrible life taking fever comes to her city...Yellow Fever...she jumps through hoops trying to stay well and keep her mother and grandfather well, including her cat. Life gets tougher and tougher as her grandfather passes and her mother cant be found anywere. Her belife that her mother is still alive gets worse and worse as she watches people run up and down the streets with weel barrows full of lifeless and fevered bodies.

1/10/2011 10:10:45 am

The Devouring

If you enjoy ghosts,scary clowns with bloody feet and a hatchet in their hand,paranormal worlds, and souls being eaten and trapped in their own mind, you will envy this book!!!
In this AMAZING novel,Harry was told a scary story by his sister. Sure enough,just like any other book, the story came to life. A soul(called vours)comes into reality to trap Harry in his own mind,taking over his body and claming it as his own!Harry's sister finally realizes what happens.She attemps getting trapped in Harry's mind and saving him. Will they survive???
The book's summary on the back cover states: When dark creeps in and eats the light,bury your fears on sorry night.For in the winter's darkest hours, comes the feasting of the vours.No one can see it, the life they stole,they have your body, but not your soul.

I reccomend this book to anyone who enjoys staying up until 4:00am...(really good!!!)

1/14/2011 07:49:58 am

Eeven though Hitler was a killer i think he felt sorry. Hitler kiled over 6,oooo peole most of them were juish. People tried to excape from it. But they got caught. After they got caught Hitler killed them.

1/18/2011 11:51:38 am

I recommend Diary of a Wimpy Kid Ugly Truth by Jeff Kinney. Its about a kid in the 6th grade named Greg. Who has trouble establishing friends in his first year of middle school. It also talks about the pressures of growing up, and dealing with responsibilities. The reason why I enjoy this book, is because I can relate to some of the situations that Greg faces on a daily basis.

1/19/2011 08:08:32 am

The book Yellow Fever is actually a great recommendaton. Devon and I read this in 5th grade and it has a lot of suspense and an interesting storyline.

A deadly disease overcomes a city in Pennsylvannia. A young girl working in a coffee shop faces having to take care of her own family and a young orphan girl that is an only surviver of an orphan house. They do everything they can to stay clear of the disease and pretect others.

1/23/2011 03:12:38 am

I have just finished white fang and that is a really good book. It is about a part wolf, get parts dog who has to being owned by man gods. it is a good book.

1/24/2011 12:52:49 pm

The Soulstice

P.S.This is a follow up to The Devouring

In this regular world, something hidden away for centuries has just been discovered. With Reggie's help, Vours can now pass through anyone's fearscape and into their dimension on ANY day!

A vour can take over your body, but not your soul. Your soul will be trapped in your own mind where all your worst thoughts,images, and nightmares have been kept(the fearscape). You have to survive your own world of horrors, until finally, after years and years of terror, someone comes in your fearscape to rescue you from the paranormal world. In this case, it's Reggie.
So if you like scary dolls that set ropes on fire, Vours that eat your body and trap you in your own mind, and possibly the end of the world, get this book!!!!

1/28/2011 08:02:41 am

I recmaonding the book percy jackson the lighting starts out a monster attacks percy then he gets hurt. then he goes home then leaves for camp half blood. a minator kills percys mom. percy gets mad and trys to kill him then loses his sowde. and kills it with a horn from the minatar.then leaves to kill hades. then goes to get the perals.that grants you were ever you want.

1/29/2011 08:15:16 am

I really recommened reading the whole series to "Among the Hidden".

In this time, having a 3rd child is strongly illeigal due to what people think is a "lack of food". 3rd children desprately hide from the Population Police. They go through many hardhsips like avoing the Population Police, maneging to get fake I.D's, and worst of all, being betrayed and turned in by the ones closest to them

1/29/2011 08:18:10 am


Desperate chidlren hide from the penalty of death. They go as far as to be taken into all day/night schools so they could not only protect themselves, but their families. They try and live up to a famous, byt illeigal name, Jen Tablot, who tried to legalize "exnays".


1/31/2011 07:41:42 am

hi is this the right blog

2/2/2011 02:16:23 am

um hi Kea!... this is the book recomendation blog, not the real blog. find the blog about the WWII questions or the one abut what you learned from your project. FROM AMBER! (devon's friend)

2/4/2011 08:14:32 am

Mrs Gamez m confused dose this book haveto be about the holocaust but if it does not have to be about the holocaust it would be vladmire tod its just a good book & wAY BETTER THANTHE TWILITE BOOKS & if it has to be about the holocaust iv not read a book about the holocaust

2/11/2011 06:01:48 am

Lightnig theif is the best book i read.It had a movie to.It was a good movie.I have this book.Its about a kid who's father was a god.He was half god half person.He had a mission to kill his father.He had a uncel he was the devil.The devil tricked his dad.The devil tried to kill him but the devil didn't.

2/18/2011 07:31:19 am

Lets see, what book do I recomend. Well, I havent realy finished a book. But the farthest I have ever got in a book is in "The Lightning Theif". That book is awesome!I do recomend "The Lightning Theif". Well, first of all its a realy good book. Second of all its easy to picture. I think "The Lightning Theif" is a realy good book. So far.

2/20/2011 12:20:50 am

After you read The Devouring, then The Soulstice, you must read The Fearscape!

Once Regie tells her dad all about the mind eating vours and everything else that has happened, he thinks she has gone crazy!!!!! He throws her in a mental hospital where the dad THINKS they'll help Reggie out. Instead, of course, the hospital is full of vours that have been seeking Reggie for the past year. Reggie is forced into fearscapes one by one with no rest, mentally and physically. Eventually, Reggie escapes the hospital with her best friend, Aaron. But soon enough, fours are chasing them all around the streets and Reggie is forced to see things most people would never ever want to. Find out the end of the story in book 3, The Fearscape.../:

2/28/2011 02:57:58 am

Hey, Mrs.Gamez The one that you told me to post on isn't letting me post on that blog.So what should I do if isn't letting me post on that? Do you have any suggetions? I just don't want you thinking that I'm not doing my blog respondment on the post.It hasn't been letting me post anything that i try to post on here.So I guess I'll just start writting my respondment on paper for you!!!!!If your okay with it that I come in some time and get it done infront of you. I just don't want you thinking that I'm not doing what I'm suppose to be doing for your class!If you would please just let me know what I should do for this problem.

3/3/2011 12:25:43 pm

i highly reccromend three books called "the time machine" The invisible man"20,000 leagues under the sea.

P.S the computer is saying that blogs are closed so i wont be able to do it.


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