Holocaust Poetry


There are many poems written about the Holocaust.  Carefully and thoughtfully read the one below then provide a response to the questions.

by Barbara Sonek

We played, we laughed, we were loved.
We were ripped from the arms of our
parents and thrown into the fire.
We were nothing more than children.
We had a future. We were going to be lawyers, rabbis, wives, teachers, mothers.
We had dreams, then we had no hope.
We were taken away in the dead of night like cattle in cars, no air to breathe smothering, crying, starving, dying.
Separated from the world to be no more.
From the ashes, hear our plea.
This atrocity to mankind can not happen again.
Remember us, for we were the children whose dreams and lives were stolen away.

In a well written 8 sentence paragraph, describe your reaction to this poem.  What did it make you think, feel or remember?  How is this similar to you?  How is it different?

FIRST HOUR ADVANCED LANGUAGE ARTS- You must also provide one analysis of the poem using a poetic device of your choice.  Make sure to clearly explain how the poetic device was used.

Remember to post your response no later than Friday, January 21, 2011!
1/15/2011 04:23:49 am

this poem is very sad. just imagine being a child ripped away from your loved ones. it just makes me sad. I am not sure how to put it in words but it seems like very tragic and lonely deaths. who would want such sadness in there lives? I sure couldn't do something like that to someone. Why would some one do that to some one? it must have been so painful for those children at that time.

1/15/2011 08:45:34 am

The poem presented made me very upset to hear that children were stolen from their parents. It made me sad because they killed children I could never imagine a child being murdered for no reason these children. It did say they had the future but it was taken away from them. I agree they probably didn’t have air, space, they were probably crying, and dying. These children had dreams. They had hope. Both of these things were taken away from the poor children. I think they will be remembered, they were brave, strong, and every child that was murdered was considered in my book a hero.

1/15/2011 09:05:33 am

The poetic device the writer used is simile for example they said “we were taken in the dead of night like cattle in a car”. Like is used in similes. They also did rhyme for example. Smothering, crying, starving, and dying all rhyme.

1/15/2011 09:33:34 am

This is a horrible poem because there were many children that were ripped from their mother’s and father’s arms and thrown into a fire. They were children that had futures and they were killed. They couldn’t breathe and they couldn’t move they were just murdered in the banks of their mother’s and father’s eyes. The children had no room to move and they had dreams. They were starving, crying, and dying. The human race can’t let this happen again. I couldn’t even think of many children being slaughtered. There have been many tragic times in history but this might just be the worst one so far in history.
The poetic device that this poem was using is a simile because the poem was saying what the children were saying during this incident. The person that rote this poem wrote what the kids were saying or doing because of this accident.

1/15/2011 11:21:59 am

This poem is very sad because kids had dreams. These kids were going to have futures but there futures would soon die. This poem makes me feel like poop and sad because the kids during this time couldn’t have good lives like us. This poem is different because most poems are abstract and are like riddles and this poem is concrete and is an anonym for abstract. The Holocaust ruined these children’s lives. And how in the end they were buried in an ash, that’s just CRUEL and SICKENING!!!!! Also how the kids were ripped from their parent’s arms ready to die. This poem is just a sad and horrible end for those kids in the Holocaust.

1/15/2011 11:50:25 am

This poem is the poem you see people doing a play about... It was a heart-wrenching poem with so many emotions. This poem made me think of the pictures of the thousands of bodies just laying on top of each other. I actually felt their pain as if somebody would have stolen me from my mom, dad, sister, family. I remember when I was younger, that I would always worry about somebody doing that, but it actually happened to those poor, defenseless Jews that never thought about the future, but only thought about right then and there. What had happened in the Holocaust was just tragic, upsetting, heart-wrenching, the worst nightmare you could ever have;the only thing is, those Jews were in it, they lived it, they died in that nightmare. The only similarity is that the victims of the dreaded fire were children, that is only what I am, a mere child. There are many differences but I am going to name a few: 1. I have loving parents that feed my sister and I all of the time, unlike the Jews who were starved, dying. 2. I have many dreams to fulfill, I also have much hope too. 3. I will never be ripped from my parents arms even if they are not there because I know in my heart that they will always be there for me. My poetic device in the poem that I deteced was the similie device. The first line I detected the similie device was line seven: We were taken away in the dead of the night like cattle in cars, no air to breathe.

1/16/2011 01:10:11 pm

I feel sadness from it. Especially the parents; Knowing their children were being thrown into the fire. It must of been for the parents to watch. Also, in poem, it says they had a future. Obviously due to Hitler, that was all ruined. Hitler ruined their hopes and dreams. While reading the poem, it made me think of that picture with the with all of those people lying in the concentration camps with all those people skin and bones. This poem was kind of depressing just knowing this really happen. It says they starved, they were crying and dying. That's miserable. As you can see, to me this poem was sad, depressing, but it helps you understand how they felt and what they went threw.

1/17/2011 04:56:56 am

In this poem I think that these kids were just plain ordinary people that got treated very wrong by Hitler and the Nazi. This was a cruel and selfish thing for Hitler to do. It’s like saying if somebody wasn't related to you they are different and shall be killed. This poem really stirs my emotions the Jewish were plain ordinary people that just believe in a different thing. These people that were killed had a bright future and were dreaming big, had high hope. That all changed the day when Hitler killed those children. They were ripped from the arms of their family they were burned to death .how wrong is that?

1/17/2011 05:46:30 am

My reaction to the poem is that the kids in the poem had no future and no time to do there dreams. There future was taken away from them. The poem made me think of if Hitler had came to America. I wouldn't have a future, I wouldn't be in this world right now. I really feel sad for those kids, some of them got out and got to do what they wanted to do; however, they were traumatized so they wouldn't be able to get over what happened to their family. It is diffrent to me because I have my family and can still live my drems. I will start to appreciate what I have in life compared to them after reading that poem.

1/17/2011 06:27:45 am

This poem is very sad, to know that these poor kids were taken away from there families.To know that thousands of kids were taken from there families and were sent to consetration camps and were staved to death.It must have been very painful for the parents the kids everyone.Its very sad to think of the things that Hitler and his army did to these people.They tested things on them they burned them they killed pregnet woman to see how long the baby would live after the mother died.These people did horable things.It breaks my heart reading this poem and learning about the numors things that hitler did.Its truly hard to think of how sick a person had to be to kill 6,000,000 Jews.11,000,000 people was the total amount that hitler killed.

1/17/2011 06:31:08 am

This poem made me want to start crying. No child should be ripped from their parents. We all have hopes and dreams. This poem is like me because i have a dream one day I will be a doctor, and wife/mother. In this poem the children had hope but then they just lost it when they got taken away. This reminded me of a time when I was away from my mom for three years. This is different because I still have my mother. I still have hope, and dreams; these kids didn't. The children's dreams, lives, and hope got taken away. That is terrible. It makes me feel as if I wanted to go to Hitler and say what's your problem?

1/17/2011 10:00:05 am

This poem made me feel sad inside. These poor children had hopes, dreams and families that were all taken away from them. The only similarity between them and I is we are children, young and full of hope. There are many differences but here are two. First, I have a loving mom, dad, and sister. The second thing is that I will have the chance to make my dreams of being a teacher and growing to be old come true and those children never did. It made me wonder, why would any child have to go through all that pain. I can't even think about being a child in those times. The poetic devices used were similie and rhyme. The example of similie is "We were taken away in the dead of night like cattle in a car." They used rhyme by using dying and crying.

1/18/2011 07:18:30 am

This poem was actually startling to me. The vocabulary used was very descriptive and showed the child's emotions. Being taken away is a sad fate towards a child. Coming of age would've been the most frightening moment in a jewish childs life. Many children had great dreams that they were capable of fulfilling. I can relate to this poem because many times I have been not able to praactice at or start fulfilling my dreams. The poetic devicce used in this poem was a similie. I know this because one line of the poem stated,"We were taken away in the dead of the night LIKE cattle in cars...". The future of the children could've been successful, but was overcome by the Nazis.

1/18/2011 07:55:50 am

this poem is very depresing, it makes me feel like cookies that dont want to be eatin. I think that Hitlers right hand mans little brother was full of freedom and he didnt care about a perfect race as long there as a race. Hitler on the other hand is just a big blah. I think still that all those people would've had a future if Hitler didnt kill all those people. I wish we people had just one more chance to live again. Only if it were just a dream. I still feel like a blah mixed with rotten cookies. I relly feel that i was there to help all those people. BUT I STILL FEEL LIKE COOKIES THAT DONT WANT TO BE EATIN!!!

1/18/2011 08:19:52 am

This poem makes me sad because all those children had dreams just like we do but they weren’t taken away from us. These kids where ripped out of their parents arms and thrown into the fire (I think that means concentration camps). They had a future that they wanted and now they are just gone, they can’t have their dreams anymore because one selfish man took their dreams away. He had no right to do anything he did, only his misguided dream. He was a wonderful painter, but he wasn’t able to go to college because a Jewish person was accepted and not him. He blamed their entire race for his faults and inconvenience in life! Hitler put his leadership and ability for kindness to waist by turning his dream into hate. I bet those children that died during WWII; they didn’t know why he disliked them so much and sent his army to get them. He even had some believers in his cause that thought he would make the world better by getting rid of the Jewish race. He turned the Jewish people’s lives into a deadly nightmare, but one that was very real. I pray for those lives that where taken away from grief and selfishness, and hope that it never happens again.

Austin Clark
1/18/2011 10:16:05 am

I think this poem is sad. Imagine being a kid during the holocaust. You would be ripped from your parents and family. You might never see your family again. You might be killed or tortured. You might even become a slave or be used for medical purposes. If you are lucky you could get out alive but you would always remember what horrible things happened. In some cases the torture was probably so bad that the people wanted to die because they couldn’t stand to be hurt so bad. Hitler had no rights to kill anyone but he killed them anyway.

1/18/2011 11:00:42 am

I think it is sad to to know that Hitler would kill thousands of people just to make the perfect race (the race of blond hair and blue eyes). Hitler had stript all the children from there family and killed them. He threw them into a dump. Hitler is a very sick man, but when you think about what he did he was only trying to make the perfect race. Hitler took away peoples freedom and buned them into ashes. Something I rember about me was when I was in the 4th grade that was similar to this. In the 4th grade no body liked me. No one talked to me, and no body treated me like I was a person and i hadn't talked to anyone. And at when it was time to go outside i always sit by myself and i dont feel apresiated. That is related to me being in hiding, and all the kids that didn't like me could be the soilder that work for hitler that are trying to find all the brown hair and blue differ color eyes and kill them. Well thats another way of saying it. This was a true tragetie that hapend to all the good people that died becouse of Hitler.

1/18/2011 11:19:11 am

This poem is made me feel very sad because the kids had dreams and they were just torn away from them. Everybody knew that Hitler was a bad person but he killed children as if they were nothing. He had no regards no regrets for anything he did, the kids were torn away from their parents can you imagine that pain? The sorrow the kids felt? Especially the parents when they saw their kids being used for medical experiments and not being able to do anything about it, and if they did do something there punishment would be death! That’s just terrible; these kids had futures till Hitler led them to death himself, all hope vanished for them, there was no sense of rescue, help. This poem was filled with many emotions I can’t even name them. The kids were burned, starved, and massacred there body thrown into pits,and gutters I felt useless as I read this poem not being able to do anything to help those helpless children.

1/18/2011 12:52:28 pm

This poem makes me feel hurt and sad for these children.I want to cry and pray for these poor infants!This reminds me of when Katie told me that one of her fathers abused her and her mother.When I read this it makes me think that that the people never cared for the children and that they didn't care how the person acted.What their personality was like probably didn't matter either.This is different because I was never abused by anyone.I never had had a horrible life.I have had some rough times but I never had this horrible type of time.

1/18/2011 12:54:31 pm

When I read this poem I realized this is not a happy they lived happily ever after, this is children getting ripped from their parents arms and into the cruel people called the Nazi. The had dreams, but before they could come true they were destroyed. But what sent a centipede down my back is that the poem mentioned them being starved and near death. They never got to die a peaceful death. When they died they never had a funeral with the parents to say goodbye. They were Probably thrown into a ditch with the others that were dead.

1/18/2011 10:23:44 pm

The holocaust has several stories of the lives of millions; however one really spoke to me in a mean way. It is a little poem by Barbra Sonek. Many children suffered the pain of ripped out of the arms of parents. Crying and sobbing gave me visions on what it would look like if I were one of those kids. Kids used to laugh and play but now they get thrown in to pits of fire. My reaction to that, CRAZY! Can you imagine men of the Nazi’s coming into your house at night, taking any forbidden things, and maybe even get at the chance to be taken to a concentration camp? This poem is a crucial way of explaining the holocaust for children, but the author did a great job explaining it.

1/19/2011 06:54:19 am

This poem has made me feel like i have the perfect life compared to those children that were killed in the Holocaust. This poet was very creative with what she said. If i had my parents ripped from my arms and beaten to death right in front of me I would never get over myself. I would not ever want to go to a concentration camp. I dont want weird things going through my blood. I think the kids getting beaten is really hard to watch.

1/19/2011 06:58:20 am

oops I thought that i had enough sentences. The Holocaust was a very terrible thing. This poem explains in a very short way how the Holocaust went. This was so sad hearing about the children getting beaten and parents demolished.

1/19/2011 06:58:43 am

This poem is very sad. It is tragick what happen. Those kids had a futer. But hittler took it.These poor kids were taken away from there families. But they never got to see them agin. Ether did there parents.

DSalazar-Gilks 6
1/19/2011 07:01:41 am

This peom is very sad. It is not a usale poem. It not the won you will aoriginal peom you’ll read. It is based on a true life story. Usauly it will be a riddle you will have to find out. All I’m trying to say is that this is a sad story. I understand this poem. It is tring to teach students a leason in life.

I villarreal-2
1/19/2011 07:05:07 am

This poem is very sad. It is the poem that would make people and I know it’s a true story usually I would see that it is very desturbing to some readers and it taljks about how a persons life is and how it is bad if I were thos peaple going through all that nonsense I would just be crying almost every day.

1/19/2011 07:33:21 am

The poem is just very sad and i think that those people were sad too.The part were it said we get ripped was just very sad.Also this poem was based off a real story.I just can't believe how sad this poem can be.I just can't believe how people were trated back then.

1/19/2011 07:40:03 am

I wanted to help the children. I was saddened by the poem. They had no hope. I thought the children being taken was cruel. It is not similar to me other than the fact that I have dreams. I was not taken, I have hope. The poem was as emotion filled, dark, and dreary as an overcast day. A simile was used by me writing the poem was as _ as _.

1/19/2011 07:59:10 am

I think thet poem is sad. All the childern that had dreas died. The notec came and took them from there parints.I think the parents were so sad.I bet most of the kids were probly youg.If i was a kid i would put up a fight to live.If i was kid about to die going to the place were they burned, the smell of die pieple i would puuck.It is just sad.

1/19/2011 08:07:54 am

I personlly think this poem is really sad because i would hate to be taken away from family and friends its very tragic.I cant imagine being one of thoses poor kids.Who would want such rudiness and sadness in their lives.It must have been hard on family.I personally feel bad because they had to die.I feel bad for the people who had to be ripped.i would hate being a concentration camp.I feel bad for thoses kids who wer jewish and had to pay the price.its really is heart breaking to hear that poem.I wouldn't imagaine what pain thoses kids went through.It looked really hard to see pictures and things.Those kids weighed about 70 or 60 pounds at the most.

1/19/2011 09:15:37 am

I reacted by thinking that the kids in this poem hade futures but they were taken. It was sad that they were taken from there parents in a blink of an eye. The children were barley had food no oxygen. They were starved to death. This does not relate to me at all. That is how I felt when I read this poem.

1/19/2011 09:42:39 am

I belive that this poem is about a couple of average kids that were playing in their yard. then they went inside with their parents. then hitler and the nazis came to take them to a concentration camp. they never saw their parents again. this poem was moving and sad.As you can see the nazes were not nice people.

1/19/2011 09:46:01 am

This poem made me feel terrible. Just think about those kids being taken from their parents. The kids didn't have a chance to say good bye or even pack anything they were just taken. And all the kids got was harsh word and a little bit to eat. I just feel terrible and sad about those kids. I mean the guards were harsh the doctors did awful test on them. Those kids even caught sickness's while in the camps. And that is how awful this poem makes me.

1/19/2011 10:21:18 am

This poem is very profounded melancaoly {means very sad} and outraged. Kids were just taken from there parents just as just as little childrens. It is a very sad subject. All of those peoples dreams were taken away and it is NOT cool... This has absolutly no way at all to relate to me. It differs from me alot because i have never had my dreams stolen away and had to be banished in oygen showers... I have never had to go to a concentration camp... Hittler was evil to take away childeren and do experimants on them. He barly ever feed those little children, and left them to starve to death... It is a very perpetuous thing. The parents should be the most sad knowing that there child was geting thrown in to a fire. This poem makes me feel like *FLUSH*. It makes me think about how life for me could have been bake then. I probalby would be dead. It also makes me think about how many familes were hurt during the holacost? How many familes were killed during the hulacost too? How Ann Frank's family felt when people were tring to take her sister to a concentration camp. How they had to hide out inside of tiny rooms. That is how i felt when i read this poem.

P.S. Hittler diserved to get kicked out of school!!!!!!

1/19/2011 10:44:53 am

This poem is makes me fell horrible.The thought that people went through the Holocaust and some of them are alive today having to live with that.If i were these people i would rather die then having to live through something that would make you fell like this.This poem is concrete its not confusing and abstract and make you have to think this poem was made to have a meaning to it and that's its really important. Also if people were really got pulled away from there parents and having the parents watch there children die this is must of been terrible.I don't know how people lived with this and survived afterwords.I don't know what Hitler was thinking by killing these people just because of his childhood.I get the purpose of this poem it was to help you know what Hitler and his Nazi's did to people and how this atrocity happened

1/19/2011 10:54:40 am

This made me feel sad for the people that were a part of the holocaust. Because I have never experience this so that makes me even sadder. Many people may say this is sad but they may really not care like I do. I can’t believe that people took kids form there families. It makes me mad too. This is how people really were like. It’s so disturbed those as humans where like this. Why would any take people life away because they didn’t mach how you wanted people to be? 11, 000,000 million lives were took away because of this man. The poet most of felt bad just like millions of others. I think she rote this because she wanted people to know what kids went through during this time in history.

1/19/2011 11:36:14 am

This poem is sad because kids had dreams and no hope because of the holocaust. I really feel bad for those people because they had dreams. They had dreams to be a teacher, lawyer, rabbis, wives, and mothers. They had dreams, but no hope. They are like people in a funeral with no anything. If I were them I would be a man and stand up to Hitler. Even If he would kill me. I will remember those kids whose dreams and lives were stolen away. I am mad at Hitler for what he did and sad for those people who had great dreams and hoped for hope. Those poor parents knowing their children getting thrown in the fire.

1/19/2011 11:38:52 am

This peom was heart breaking for everyone. You could picture this poem in your mind. It gave you an image to make a movie out of. You could see the children crying while being stolen from their loved ones arms, as the parents were held back. You could watch the pupils being thrown in the fire, burning. Those children had a future just like anyone. They had an idea what they were going to do, to be,following their dreams... Hitler's nasty dislike of jews and 'different' people caused a terrifying riot. It's okay to be different though! Adolf Hitler stole these children away, ripping away the dreams they once carried. There was no meaning to life anymore, unless you're going to make the best of it.....
In this poem, I discovered a metaphor on line seven.And I quote!"We were taken away in the DEAD OF NIGHT." This poetic device was used to show the reader how still and quite the night was. No one dared move or else they would be heard and shot dead. There was no life.Everything just endless, still, dead.

1/19/2011 05:46:53 pm

This poem was a heart breaking one. Just picturing this makes it even worse.Seeing these people sufferingfrom this is SAD.These kids had a fture ahead of them A BRIGHT FUTURE of being: Lawyers, Doctors.These children no longer get to live their BRIGHT FUTRE.They had dreams, BIG DREAMS!They no longer get to live those BIG DREAMS.Theri lifes were runied. Theri lives were stolen and taken away. They really shouldn't of had to SUFFER that way.

1/19/2011 11:37:32 pm

This poem made me mad.The kids were going to grow up and change the future.But they were taken away by the Nazis. They got ripped out of their parent's arms and were caught on fire.Then they were taken in the middle of the night with no air to breathe in.I have to agree with Kayla.The author used a simile and rhymed.Examples are "We were taken away in the dead of night like cattle in cars" and "Smothering,starving,crying,dying"

1/19/2011 11:38:15 pm

Thinking of all the kids whose lives were taken by some thoughtless human being makes me feel sick to my stomach. I sit here thinking how scary it must have been for those kids knowing they’re going to die, but not knowing how it’s going to happen. It must have been heart breaking for those kids whose dreams got taken away! This does not relate to me because we live in a world where you can be any type of religion and not get criticized. This poem in my opinion is a rhyming poem because it’s easy to express feelings. “We were ripped from the arms of our parents and thrown into the fire.”

1/20/2011 07:25:37 am

The poem touched my heart. it was very sad. It was about kids that can't live to see their dream. They
lived ,love, and laughed. They were thrown into A fire. They were taken from there mom's and dad's. They died because of Hitler.I loved this poem

1/20/2011 07:39:07 am

When i heard the poem i was shocked and sad. I wondered what if that was me. How would my family feel? I think it was very rude how they ripped the children from the parents. The kids had a great future ahead of them. They could have been very successful. I would like to know who did this. As well as it said whoever did this should be ashamed. He should do the tactic of put yourself in the other persons shoe. What if he was the person getting burned into oblivion? How would his parents like that? I think during the time of the holocoast things werent thought through but who knows?

1/20/2011 07:47:06 am

Sorry Mrs.Gamez I did not read the botom of the blog about first hour. the poetic device in this poem was a simile such as in the poem they say we were taken in the dead of night like cattle in cars, no air to breathe smothering, crying, starving, dying.

1/20/2011 08:47:59 am

This poem made me cry! Why would some one ever whant the most horrible's thing to happen to a CHILD!The kids had dreams,and he killed both the dream and the kids.They had no choise to life. The parents coulded save them! I thought my life was bad but i had no Idea.I now know that now.I will always remember them always!

1/20/2011 09:07:04 am

This poem made me so sad after reading it again that I started to cry. I mean, it’s just really sad that someone would take children away from their parents by force. It made me so sad I got angry. I can’t even imagine how they must have felt. And dieing a lonely death is just the worst thing I’ve ever heard of! I would forever lament having to do something like that! It’s appalling enough that they were being taken away from their parents, but they have to die a miserable death too. That’s so ghastly I can’t describe it any better than that!

1/20/2011 09:12:20 am

Sorry! I forgot to add something.
I feel very remorseful for those children. I feel this way because those kids had dreams but those dreams were destroyed, smashed anything along those lines.

zachary ward
1/20/2011 10:10:44 am

The poem inspierd me to live a good life before i die in 80 years. it makes me sad that the kids in that poem died at a young age. its mean what the natzis did to those kids and how they where treated. I think thoose kids should have had a second chance at life but the natzis killed them. the poem made me feel saddend and mad by how they where treated by them. Now i know haw importent the little things in life are

1/20/2011 10:20:15 am

I was shocked when I read this poem. It made me want to cry because those kids really did have dreams to become great people. Those dreams were torn to sheds when they were taken away. They weren't taken away from their parents, they were literally ripped from their parents arms. I can relate to them because we all have days when we feel horrible but, I could never feel the way they did. I'm different from them because I wasn't taken away from my parents. That is how I feel about the poem and how i can relate and the difference between those kids then and me.

1/20/2011 10:32:40 am

That poem made me feel sad. I can't believe they were ripped from their parents arms. I can't imagine how scared the kids were. The thought of seeing other people thrown into a fire even scares me.I hope no one else would NEVER do anything that Hitler did. All those kids had dreams of what they wanted be when they got older. I want to be a policeman when I get older. I hope no one tries to take from me.

1/20/2011 10:39:03 am

The poem by Barbara Sonek was sorrowful and had a dark sound to it.I feel unsafe and not joyful a bit. it makes me wanna cry for these children had there hopes,dreams and happiness literally ripped apart from there grasp.For it makes me hear a scream for help in my head but never finding the person. No one i think should ever be ripped away from there parents grasp nor heart.These children had no clue to know whats to happen to there life nor they know if that be there last breath in the Holocaust.Seeing strange sights people dieing. This is what i think.No hope no dreams no life.Nothing left.

1/20/2011 10:39:22 am

The poem made me feel sad for the children of the Holocaust. It reminds me of being bullied by my peers. It made me wonder why anyone would do this to kids. It is different for me because if it were still going on I might not be here now. How its similar to me is that there were some girls that were the same age as me and that scares me.

1/20/2011 10:44:46 am

What it made me think of is the army. The army takes away my daddys and I barely get to see them that is what it is similar to.I do know the difference it is more sorrowful and pleading then my life in this promising world back then you just could not trust the world.

1/20/2011 11:24:14 am

This poem makes me think about my family.Also about how much i take forgranted. No person or life should have to go through what those children went through . It makes me feel bad that I would live and be ok and some baby wouldn't. The imagry that this poet shows is awesome. This poem is so crystal clear . Yet at the same time makes you think to.I hope that a montrocity of this magnetude never happens again.

1/20/2011 12:35:39 pm

This poem is very sad.I think that this poem reminds me of the things i have taken in a wrong way.My dad has a saying that goes like this,"if there is a glass half full of water...how would you think of it.Half empty or half full?I dont think that anyone should have to suffer like those children.Everyone should be able to dream.
hitler crushed those drerams of many innosent poeple.This made me think if this could have been me? I think that this story is a good lesson for people who think they don't have anything in their life but they don't realize what they do have.

1/20/2011 12:45:58 pm

This poem makes me feel sad it reminds me of my friend getting bullied.It is also similar because I used to get bullied. What the Nazi`s did to the kids was very horrible. When he starved the kids to death. He should not of did this especially to the kids because what if it was his kids. He should of went to jail for the rest of his life. Also the kids had dreams and Hitler took away from them. Hitler was crazy in the head. Overall this makes me feel unhappy,by the way he treated the kids.

1/20/2011 12:52:01 pm

This peom reminded me of real bad times. Hitler had no right to take these young men and women. All people say that Hitler was responsible for all the the deaths with his own hands. That is not true. Infact,that wasn't even possible. If he were to kill 6,000,000 people it would take him a lot longer than it did.I don't understand how a person could just watch people die like that. It's horrible! Wanna know what's weird? Hitler didn't meet up to his own standards.

1/20/2011 01:12:29 pm

This poem made me feel sad and reminded me of one of my family members died by a heart attack or accident. There not the only one with there hopes and deams crushed by something, i too had hopes and dreams. One of them is to be a great student and get a's to get on the honoroll to get a good educatin. It failed miserably. I tried to help people when they are sick but cant do that either, i am always nervious of hearing strange noices. At home, its not so bad but sometimes it is for me,my dad just yells at me for no reason and makes me mad or sad...I am always trying to make them stay together while it last for 11 years or more. I dont want them to divorce so soon.. I also dont like hearing the drama or arguments about one little thing. It makes me nervious and sad and breaks my heart.

1/20/2011 01:13:43 pm

O and p.s., I forgot one of my hopes and dreams is to be a great animator.

1/20/2011 08:55:50 pm

This poem is a example of the cruelty that happened in the Holocaust. This poem shows the terrible crimes that happens to the people who were judged for color, race, and disability. These kids got took from their parents and most likely sent to a concentration camp. T here they were Tortured, Killed, and Experimented on. The poem says the children were burned in the ashes with there life destroyed. So I think that the children got burned in ashes. The Poetic Device that I used was a simile. The part it was used in was when they were talking about when they were talking about getting draged away Like Cattle getting draged away in a Car.

1/20/2011 09:36:53 pm

That is sad that they were ripped from their parent’s arms, and thrown into a fire. That’s pretty sad, and concrete that was like not being able to play ever again. They had a future of being lawyers, rabbis, wives, teachers, and mothers. Then they had no hope of there futures. They were taken in the dead night is just really sad. Them being separated from the world to be no more is just sad. Their hearts pleading from the ashes is just sickening. They must have been really sad from all of this happening.

1/20/2011 10:20:11 pm

This poem makes me feel so bad for the children of the Holocaust. Hitler shouldn't even have brought the children in to that. This is nothing like my life. How it is different from mine is that I don't get woke up in the middle of the night. Getting swept away from my parents and getting thrown into a fire. All this happened because most of those children were Jewish. If im getting woke up at night it means that eaither im have to tell somebody something or I can't sleep.The poetic device that I would use is the Point-of-View device. This means The author's point-of-view concentrates on the vantage point of the speaker, or "teller", of the story or poem.

1/21/2011 12:01:29 am

Reposted by Mrs. Gamez...

mrs. gamez plese erace the last one i messed up !!!When I read the poem about the holocaust, I thought that Hitler was a creep. He needed to die as soon as possible. Kids being pulled right out of the parents arms was really sad. Apishly when they where throne into a fire. The kids had dreams. The poor kids had fuchers. All the kids where hoping to be able to grow up, and live a life with their own families. But the man named Hitler convinced all of these people to kill, torture, and so much more. People where starving dying being in tests, taking tests. Most pomes are giving riddles but the poem from the holocaust its just flat out. And no one will remember the holocaust better than the people who where in it. Clearly, the holocaust was dreadful to every person who was in it and to the people are still learning about it up

1/21/2011 12:02:23 am

Reposted by Mrs. Gamez...
this poem is how childern had dreams and wanted live their dreams.when i read this poem i felt sorry for the childern who had to go through the holocaust and how they had dreams, but they never got to live them.also i felt sorry for them childern who were with their parents and then taken away.this is a very sad poem to me and i fell realy sad.also when i started reading the poem, in the last sentence it said that there dreams were token away. mrs. gamez in very sad a very tochin.

1/21/2011 12:03:40 am

Reposted by Mrs. Gamez...

That poem really inspired me. It inspired me because them kids were taken away to a camp and they killed there parents. Some kids wanted to be lawyers and have a cool job when they grow up. But Hitler took all that away from them. The kids were so happy to grow up. There parents were so happy to for them to grow up and have a perfect future. The poem says they were thrown into the fire.

1/21/2011 12:10:07 am

Reposted by Mrs. Gamez

This poem made me feel bad for all the poor children that were killed at young ages. The souls being ripped apart meant that they were being taken away from their parents. The being taken during the night must have been frightening because the children could not see where they were going, knowing that their lives could end any minute. Cattles in a car without no air possibly meant they were shoved with billions of other children. It could have been very little air in the little space with all those children. The poetic divice is the similie, cattles in a car without any air to breath. The poem also talks about how this could not happen to mankind again. If it did, there might be even more damage than there was in the Holocaust.

1/21/2011 01:47:53 am

It makes me want to cry when I hear this poem; it’s crazy to think that someone would do something like that. That someone would do something that horrible. Be forced to do something that they didn’t even want to do. Hitler made “his soldiers” so terrified to make them kill millions of people. The Holocaust was beyond the worst crime, it was beyond crime. I mean throwing babies/children into a fire. Starving someone to death, I couldn’t even believe it when I saw the picture of the men and little boy like a skeleton with skin. Now I see how good I have it. I can’t imagine what it was like to be a child/person during the Holocaust.

1/21/2011 03:44:01 am

This poem makes me feel really sad. Who ever treated them like this is nuts. Good thing the holocaust is not still here. I wish I could have stopped Hitler before his men killed that many people. It must have been really scary for the kids/adults. I hate Hitler for what he did. I feel sorry for those people. Hitler was a mad crazy man.

1/21/2011 05:00:02 am

I thing that poem is sad because kids were taken from parents.That is very sad I feel bad.And The nazies took the kids future away like steeling candy from a baby.the jews lost all dreams and almost every thing.Preaty much stolen in the middle of the night.they made them cry and starve . Thery had no hope .The poem is bad .the houlocost is a bad bad bad bad bad bad baaaaaaaaad thing that happend.

1/21/2011 06:43:20 am

It feels terrible.The events that happened in WorldWarII were horrible,unfortunately this is part of our history.The poem was sad very very sad.

1/21/2011 06:45:00 am

The poem makes me sad. It makes me fell like expired cheese in Mrs. Gamezez fridge. I feel bad about the people in the holocaust. People That were in the holocaust must of been hepurvson. Im so happy that i wasnt in the holocaust.

1/21/2011 09:32:34 am

This poem made me feel very sad because there were times that I thought I had it bad. Nobody should be punished for there beleifs. Thats like saying "since your favorite food is spinach I am not friends with you!" The children in this poem barely had a chance to be a kid before there parents got taken away! I dont understand why beng jewish was so bad back then! If my friend told me they were jewish i would not think anything of it. I also heard that hiding the fact that you were jewish was not as easy as just riping of the star of David necalace. A metophore about this poem would be: The nazies were monsters for taking children from there homes!

1/21/2011 09:54:10 am

The poem makes me feel mad at
Hitler. He killed kids that had dreams. Dreams like lawyers, teachers and mothers. It make me sad how Hitler just killed kids that haven’t lived there dreams. Hitler was mad with power. He killed so many jews.The reason why he killed Jew was because when he was a kid his teacher was a Jew and she make him mad. Hitler had a big army. Hitler wanted perfect races. He wanted only Germans.

1/21/2011 11:17:04 am

This artic makes me feel like nothing is possible .kids dieing makes me feel like a malted popsicles. Kids ripped form parents never should happen. The poem makes me think what if. What if this happens again can we stop it. Every single kid deserves a future no matter how they make it. I am glade the Nazis will never ever be around again!

1/21/2011 12:35:27 pm

This is a very sad poem. It really make me thinks about how the lives of people were really changed. People had great futures and Hitler made those not be able to happen. The children ripped from parent, makes me think how much I should appreciate my family. I think if that happened to me I would as well be very sad about leaving my parent. These children should have a future like we do. They have rights and they should be able to get them. Really happy that life is'nt like that today. Also glad the Nazis are gone for good.

1/21/2011 12:36:11 pm

Sorry Mrs.Gamez forgot about blogging this week.

1/21/2011 12:39:17 pm

The poetic device is a Simile because they used the word "like" in “we were taken in the dead of night like cattle in a car”. A simile is a sentence mostly used in poems using the words "like" or "as".

1/21/2011 01:23:31 pm

I feel horrible after reading this poem. The children were seperated and never showed to their parents again. This is the sadest poem I have read. Imaginine if you're those kids starving and never cared for except by other kids. That is sad. I just can't imaginine it I can't even think anymore than the part of when you're tooken away from your parents. If I was a kid then in that time of our history, I would sneak away and hide like Anne Frank did. These kids have lost their lives for nothin except their culture, Jewish.

1/21/2011 01:30:30 pm

This poem is very concrete.Also very sad. Some of these kids had really good futures.Just till they ruined there futures. Who knows they could've been really famous. But sad enough they got take to the concencration camps. They starved to death. It was so sad that were cying

1/22/2011 04:06:04 am

This poem made me think about the holocaust and Hitler. It made me feel very sad and scared as if I were going to be ripped from my parents arms and thrown into a fire. This also made me think about Anne Frank that she had a future also that she was never able to achieve. This is similar to me by that all of us children have things that we want to accomplish but may not be able to accomplish. There are many differences between us. The biggest one is that I don’t think that I will be ripped from my parents arms and thrown into a fire. For me though there is another difference that is that of my dreams. I would like to be an electrician. I am sure that there are many more that I cannot think of right now. This is how this poem made think and feel.

Children should not be treated as wood that burns in fire but should be sired by sweetened people who discern others. Not from ashes but for sashes not stolen but rechieven for those who stole away everything a child has. I tried to use it in a effective way and a way that it would ryme.

I am very sorry that this is late. I guess that time slipped away from me on Friday and I forgot all about it.

1/22/2011 05:09:17 am

This poem is very sad many kids got snatched from their guardians hands and put in consentation camps

1/22/2011 10:07:04 am

Reposted by Mrs. Gamez

What I think about this poem is it just made me feel really bad for those children who didn’t have a life cause of the holocaust and how Hitler killed them for being Jewish or any other religion. It made me feel awful. It almost made me cry cause poor children and other people got killed just for being a different religion. It’s similar to me because if I was one of those children all I would hope is to I will always dream and never give up. It’s different cause if I wasn’t the perfect raise I would never be able to be what I wanted to be. For instance I want to be one of those people who does hair and nails. If I was captured and killed I wouldn’t be able to complete my dream. So this is how it made me feel, what I thought, and how it’s different and similar to me.

1/22/2011 10:08:06 am

Reposted by Mrs. Gamez

The Holocaust is a disaster. Why would Hitler gave people a extreamly painful deaf.Especially for the jewish people, (either though many parts of Hitlers family are Jews).But it was not just the jews who got tortured to death, it was every single race. Hitler wanted his race to be white, blue eyes, cannot wear glasses , and has to have blond hair. The part that is the weirdest is that Hitler was not even close of his race.This is what i learned from te holocauset so far.

1/22/2011 10:09:32 am

Reposted by Mrs. Gamez

I think this poem is about how hitler and his nazis killed so many jewish.How he took away there dreams.This poem tells you about how the nazis took away there future.How he took kids from there preants.Also that the children had no lives and were to be killed.This story made me feel sad for all the people who were killed druing the halocaust.It also makes me feel that I should be more happy and take what I get.To think about how hard it was to be a jewish at that time.

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