Week 1 of blogging is over and we're onto week 2.  You all did a great job with your posts last week and I'm excited to read your posts for this week!  Don't forget about the guidelines when posting.  Your response must be at least 5 sentences.  Pay close attention to your spelling, grammar and sentence structure.  When entering your name put your first initial, last name and class period.  (sgamez1).  Do NOT enter your email address. Lastly, DO NOT under any circumstances take information from other places without citing your source.  Copying and pasting information found on a website or in a book is plagiarism and considered cheating.  The posts are meant to be your own personal reflection on the questions posed.  As always, if you have any questions, please ask.

Please respond thoughtfully to the following prompt:

Hitler, though obviously power hungry and unmistakably wrong in his beliefs, had many followers.  He was able to convince masses of his people that killing others for absolutely no good reason was justified.  
Why do you think that so many listened to, believed and followed through on Hitler’s orders of eradicating the Jewish people from Germany, even though what they were doing was clearly wrong?


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